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Ionia Public Schools Staff Email


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Ionia Public Schools utilizes WillSub for staff to electronically report their absence and request a substitute
NOTE:  Teachers, Counselors, Secretaries and Paraprofessionals are required to utilize the WillSub System.  

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COVID 19 Daily Screening  

Please begin your daily check in screening by taking the wellness check from Mi Symptoms.  Please clink on the "Take Wellness Check"  to complete.  

Wellness Check


Below is a list of Ionia Public Schools buildings and the codes needed for the Mi Symptoms program to identify your place of employment.  

Ionia High School --9415-6936
Ionia Middle School--7831-9452
Boyce Elementary--4320-1663
Emerson Elementary--9108-7288
Jefferson Elementary--9997-3992
Rather Elementary--9522-1437
Twin Rivers Elementary--6935-8958
Welch High School--6732-5501
TMDC Building--1579-9651
IPS Central Office--5720-6098
IPS Food Service--1505-4412

eSuite HR Portal

Employee Pay Check/Absence Balance Access

Ionia Public Schools utilizes eSuite HR Portal for employees to gain access to their pay stubs, absences and more.  Below is a link for all staff. 

Click anywhere on the picture of the check to Login to your account.