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IPS K-5 Virtual School

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While enrolled in our virtual program, students will be assigned an IPS instructor to facilitate their learning. Instructors will be assigned a classroom of students to provide instruction, accountability, and support.

We look forward to partnering with our students and families!


Alicia Thorlund, Virtual School Principal

(616) 527-3530 ext 4547


Jodi Courtland, Secretary

(616) 841-4371




IPS K-5 VIRTUAL SCHOOL is located at the Central Office in room 302. 

250 E. Tuttle Road

Virtual School Update 



Good Afternoon, 


My name is Alicia Thorlund, I am the Principal overseeing the Elementary Virtual School. I have worked in the district in several different capacities over the years. I have been an elementary teacher, Instructional Consultation Facilitator, District MTSS Coordinator, and Welch High School Principal. 


I am excited to have this new role as the Elementary Virtual School Principal! 


I know many of you have questions regarding the program and may be feeling uneasy as things are changing from the current virtual model. Rest assured, we are doing the best we can to make sure this will be a smooth transition for all of our students and families. 


I would like to invite all parents to sign up for a teacher orientation next week, Thursday, January 14th and Friday, January 15th. During that orientation you will receive your students workbooks and supplies, any technology if your student(s) may need it, and a brief overview/tutorial from our teachers. 


Please choose a sign up form from the links below that correlates with the grade level your child is currently enrolled in. If you have more than one student, please fill out a form for every student. 


Kindergarten Sign Up


1st Grade Sign Up


2nd Grade Sign Up


3rd Grade Sign Up


4th Grade Sign Up


5th Grade Sign Up


If you are unable to attend one of our scheduled time slots please let me know. 


We are looking forward to partnering with you and your student(s)! 




Mrs. Alicia Thorlund 



Alicia Thorlund

Douglas R. Welch High School Principal 

Ionia Virtual School Principal

District MTSS Coordinator 

Ionia Public Schools 



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Accelerate Learning will be providing Common Core Curriculum in Mathematics and English Language Arts.




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