There are numerous helpful professionals working at Ionia High School. Students are assigned to a counselor based on an alphabetical listing according to the student's last name. Additional support is also available for any specific student needs.


    Office Hours: 7:15am - 3:15pm

    Office Phone: 616-841-4015

    Office Fax: 616-527-1413


    Diane Carroll: Counseling Office Secretary

    Brenda Edlund - Counselor Students A-G and T-Z

    James Batista: Students H-S

    Kylie First


    Jennifer Woodhams: Special Education Coordinator

    Nancy Lufkin: School Social Worker


    Students are encouraged to come to the Counseling Office regarding personal problems, educational information, program planning, test interpretation, career information, schedule changes, etc. Scholarship information, college application forms, and catalogs for most Michigan colleges and many out-of-state schools are available in the counselors' office. Booklets, pamphlets, and catalogs, many of which may be signed out, are available for student use. Parents and students are encouraged to seek conferences with counselors in making educational and vocational plans.

    For more detailed information on scholarship opportunities, leadership programs, and/or opportunities for college credit, please follow this link