Degrees and Certifications:

Maggie Simons BSN,RN

Providing your student with a healthy, safe, and encouraging learning environment is our goal at Ionia Public Schools. If your student has any medical concerns, please be sure to notify the school your student attends as soon as possible and obtain/fill out one of the corresponding forms listed below. Please also update Skyward regarding your student’s health. This is required every year. By providing us with this information, we are better able to help with your student’s needs while they are at school. This information is kept confidential and shared only as needed in order to keep your student safe. Please be aware that students are not allowed to self-carry any medications, including inhalers and OTC medications, without having one of the corresponding forms for IPS filled out by their doctor and on file in the office. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the IPS District Nurse, Maggie Simons at (616)902-2076 or


For policies regarding medication, please refer to your student’s school handbook as well as the school board policies. Thank you!