• Welcome to the IPS Continuity of Learning Plan


    Welcome to the IPS Continuity of Learning Plan (“the Plan”) for implementation beginning Thursday, April 16th, 2020, and concluding on June 3, 2020.

     The Plan is aligned to the state mandate for delivery of distance learning by Michigan public schools during the mandated school closure period. The Plan will enable our students to continue their learning during the school closure and not be required to make up school days at the end of the mandated school closure period. 

     Each student’s participation in the Plan, to the extent they are able, is required. If a student is unable to participate in the Continuity of Learning Plan, please communicate with the building principal.

    The IPS District and Building Administrators with the IPS Education and Support Staff Associations partnered in the creation of the Continuity of Learning Plan. Teaching & Learning Teams at each building level have collaborated to create frameworks for virtual teaching and learning and for supporting teachers, students, and parents/caregivers as they transition from face-to-face, classroom-based teaching and learning to virtual instruction that moves learning forward.

     The Plan is customized, structured, and designed to meet the unique needs of our students in lower elementary grades, upper elementary grades, middle school, high school, and special education. It is not intended to replicate the structure and timeframes of a normal face-to-face school day.


    Our focus when creating and implementing the IPS Continuity Learning Plan is to:

    • Provide manageable, appropriate, and accessible learning differentiated by age level and need
    • Provide instruction to students in essential learning standards to move instruction forward through distance learning tools
    • Provide families clear and consistent communication 
    • Provide structure and common expectations across the district, while remaining flexible



    Above all else, we strive for flexibility. Teachers will be flexible in terms of technical difficulties and deadlines, especially for submitted assignments. Students need to be flexible in how they structure and manage their time and in terms of technical difficulties and teacher response times. Parents/caregivers need to be patient and have grace with both students and teachers as they navigate teaching and learning in a virtual environment. We appreciate everyone working together and doing the best they can in a unique situation for the good of our students and their learning.




    The Teaching & Learning Teams with their grade and department level teachers created virtual teaching and learning expectations for teachers and students that take into account the many variables that each may encounter when working from home during the school closure. These expectations provide structure to a process that is new for our students, parents/caregivers, and teachers. The Teaching & Learning Teams determined the instructional delivery model, including timeframes for each course/subject/grade, appropriate workload, and essential standards for students to learn.  


    • Support teachers, students, and parents/caregivers with the Continuity of Learning Plan.
    • Provide access to technology, technical support, and training for teachers, students, and parents/caregivers.
    • Build a Continuity of Learning Plan that is flexible and sensitive to the unique demands and circumstances of our teachers and families; one that is manageable, appropriate, and accessible.
    • Engage students in the forward-moving instruction by Monday, April 20 through the last day of school on June 3, 2020.
    • Consistently communicate with all stakeholders.


    • Monitor and Support student well-being, participation, and learning.
    • Design and provide coherent instruction and feedback related to specific content areas and/or grade levels to build student knowledge and skills.
    • Identify essential standards (Common Core/Michigan Merit Curriculum) for instruction and design virtual instruction toward the learning of such standards.
    • Select appropriate resources to support the instructional design, and implement the instructional lesson plans.
    • Deliver virtual instruction and provide feedback to their students consistently and timely, aligned with the Continuity of Learning Plan.
    • Develop learning packets for elementary students and for students that do not have internet access.
    • Manage and monitor student participation.
    • Provide consistent and timely communication to parents/caregivers and students.
    • Respond to emails within two working days of their receipt.
    • Allow students an opportunity to make-up assignments without penalty.
    • Deliver accessible instruction to their students to the extent possible.
    • Provide accommodations to students with special education and Section 504 plans, to the extent possible. Document the provision of all accommodations.


    • Students will participate in virtual learning by monitoring communications from their teacher(s), participating in virtual instruction, and submitting assignments as requested by their teachers.
    • Students shall practice appropriate digital citizenship and abide by the IPS Technology Standards and Student Code of Conduct.
    • Students will complete remote activities provided by teachers.
    • Establish and support clear expectations for learning at home.
    • Create a home learning environment conducive to learning.
    • Assist in the development and implementation of an age-appropriate home learning schedule.
    • Guide and support students in using appropriate digital citizenship and abiding by the IPS Technology Standards and Student Code of Conduct.
    • Be mindful and understanding of the quantity of communications sent to a teacher may receive.
    • Follow the normal problem solving and communication process for issues of concern.
    1. Talk to the Teacher/Counselor/Coach first.
    2. If the problem is not resolved, talk to the Assistant Principal and then the Principal.
    3. If the Principal cannot help, talk to the Superintendent.
    4. If the Superintendent cannot help, the Board of Education may be contacted.



    The elementary, middle, and high schools and our Special Education Department have each designed a customized Continuity of Learning framework that best meets the unique needs of students in their grade levels and departments. The frameworks created by the Elementary Schools, Middle School, High School, and Special Education Department are available for review by clicking on the respective link on the left side of the webpage and/or the respective button at the bottom of the webpage.



    Meaningful virtual instructional engagement means that practices in online pedagogy are utilized. Virtual instruction during the school closure may be asynchronous, not bound by a specific time, or synchronous, meaning students are required to be online at a specified time. Students will be equipped to engage in video sessions, chats, and/or independent learning that they document and share. 


    The IPS Technology Team is prepared to support students, parents/caregivers, and teachers with our virtual teaching and learning journey. Click HERE to access the tutorials for digital tools and contact information for technical and virtual learning support. Our District support staff are also committed to supporting teachers, students and families during virtual learning.



    • Monday, April 20, 2020 - Thursday, June 3, 2020
    • Monday - Friday
    • No school on Memorial Day: Monday, May 25, 2020



    • IPS requires students to participate in the district’s Continuity of Learning Plan through June 3, 2020, the remainder of the school year.
    • Students will be held harmless if they are unable to meet the district’s Continuity of Learning Plan requirements due to COVID-19.  In such cases, students will be provided the opportunity to earn “credit” through an alternative method. Students unable to participate in the district’s Continuity of Learning Plan through the remainder of the school year should contact their building principal. If a student is unable to make contact, then the student’s parent/caregiver should reach out to the building principal.
    • Seniors in the Class of 2020 who were on track to graduate as of March 13, 2020 are not required to engage in Continuity of Learning Plan except to complete an Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), Michigan Virtual (MV), Heartlands (CTE), or Dual Enrollment (DE) course. More specific information regarding seniors is available on the High School Continuity of Learning Plan website.
    • Teachers will record positive attendance for students who participate in the Plan by completing the lessons, activities, and assignments.