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Instructional Coaching

Coaching Support Team:

Alicia Thorlund
MTSS Coordinator 

Marsha Turner
Emerson Literacy Specialist/ State and Federal Programs Coordinator

Lauren Honeysett
Twin Rivers Literacy Specialist

Beth Deindorfer
Boyce Literacy Specialist

Laurie Sykes
Jefferson Literacy Specialist

Julianne Klumpp
Rather Literacy Specialist

One on one job embedded coaching

  • Resource Implementation (Reading Wonders, Code X., MC3, CMP, CPM, Math Expressions, IWQST, etc.)
  • Technology Integration
  • Capturing Kids Hearts
  • Intervention (RTI/MTSS/ICT)
  • Lesson Planning
  • Instruction
  • Questioning Strategies
  • Formative Assessment Strategies
  • Data Collection and Analysis


What does coaching look like?

Initial Conversation:

  • Building rapport
  • Finding the right starting point that is driven by your students’ needs
  • Planning for the focus of the coaching session

Coaching Session:

  • Teacher leads lesson
  • Coach takes notes that are focused on the goal from the initial conversation (all notes taken from lesson will be left with you)

Reflective Conversation:

  • Teacher brings notes from the coaching session
  • Collaborative discussion on the focus of the coaching session
  • A plan for the next step is created