Ionia Public Schools has an elementary walk zone of 1 mile for the elementary schools inside Ionia and Muir. The Middle School distance is 1 ½ miles. Please advise your middle school student to use sidewalks and utilize all crossing guards at (M21 and N State St, M21 and Union St and M21 and Jefferson St) or the automated crossing lights all along N Dexter St(M66). If they have never used one, please teach them.

    The Emerson Elementary Walk Zone is approximately 1 mile from the school itself to the west, south and north. Be sure to instruct your student to walk on the sidewalk and utilize the city crossing guard at M21 and N State St. Students east of Dexter St (M66) will be eligible for bus transportation until they attend Ionia Middle School.

    The Jefferson Elementary Walk Zone is approximately 1 mile from the school itself from all directions. Instruct your student to utilize the sidewalks and the city crossing guard at M21 and Jefferson St if coming from the north, east or west.

    The Twin Rivers Elementary Walk Zone is also 1 mile from the school itself or basically the whole village of Muir.

    As a parent, I know you may feel uncomfortable about your child, no matter their age, walking to school. Here are a few things to consider to help you and your child adjust:

    * You may want to walk with them to school yourself or at least part way.

    *If you work outside the home, check with your neighbors so your child can walk with a buddy, older sibling or responsible older child. Some districts encourage a “Human Bus”—where you appoint an older child or parent to walk with the younger ones as they pass your house.

    *There is safety in numbers and since everyone in your area is walking, they won’t be alone. The city has crossing guards at critical intersections on Lincoln Ave and State St & Lincoln Ave and Jefferson St to also help keep your child safe.

    *Take turns carpooling

    *Ionia Dial-a-Ride is another option. Call 527-4000 for rate information and scheduling.

    With the right instruction and planning, walking is not only good exercise but can be a fun way to meet new friends and teach responsibility and independence. Be sure your student is dressed appropriately for the day’s weather. The following maps should help you see your school’s walk zone. If you have any questions, feel free to call the Transportation office at 527-9680 or email us at bus@ioniaschools.org

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    Important Safety Information for Back to School



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