8th Grade Teen Leadership

    8th Grade Teen Leadership provides mentoring opportunities and enhances character development efforts that span an entire year at our middle school.  8th Grade Teen Leadership facilitates a strong sense of character development in the teen leaders and helps create an anti-bullying environment for the whole school. Because students are more connected to each other, involved in their school and empowered to make a difference, they develop empathy and respect as well as the courage to stand up for and take care of other students.  8Th Grade Teen Leadership creates a positive, caring school culture where all student have become more connected, more spirited and kinder to each other.

    8th Grade Living Skills

    This eighteen week course will acquaint students with the life management curriculum.   This course will provide information that is essential for day-to-day living.  Students will explore topics such as personal awareness,  taking a look into the future and money management, child development and parenting, time management, nutrition, basic culinary skills, and general living skills.  This class will entail in-class labs, assignments, and  projects, homework assignments,  and tests/quizzes.