Journalism: Who? What? When? Where? Journalism provides us with answers to these questions for events that affect our lives. In this class, students will learn how to gather information, organize ideas, format stories for different forms of news media, and edit their stories for publication. Students will learn about the constant questioning and reinterpretation of the First Amendment. The First Amendment freedoms places a big responsibility on the people who report the news. With the freedom that the First Amendment grants comes responsibility. That responsibility is constantly being challenged and questioned and defined. Students learn that journalists must follow a Code of Ethics: seek truth and report it, minimize harm, act independently, and be accountable.  

    Yearbook: In this class, students will gain skills in the following areas: page design, advanced publishing techniques, copy writing, editing and photography while producing a creative, innovative yearbook which records school memories and events. There is an emphasis on journalism skills in this class! Participants gain useful, real world skills in time management, marketing, advertising, teamwork, and design principles.