• Creative Reading

    Creative Reading is an opportunity for students to increase their reading skills here at Ionia Middle School!

    The goal is to meet grade level reading proficiency and to help students succeed in all of their classes as well as ELA (English Language Arts). The components of this class include comprehension to help students understand what they read, fluency to help students read quicker and with more accuracy as well as vocabulary to help build word knowledge.

    This course is divided into reading pre-tests (given at the beginning of each semester) and reading post-tests (given at the end of the semester) to track student’s progress, determine strengths and weaknesses to target reading instruction.

    Four (4) Tests are used to exit the class at the end of the trimester:

          1.  NWEA Reading Test- on grade level

          2.  Fluency-Words per minute-on grade level

          3.  Common Core State Standards Reading Comprehension Test (80% or higher)

          4.  Vocabulary Test (80% or higher)

    One minute timed readings are conducted and recorded daily to determine words per minute read.  Fluency passages are leveled and range from 3rd grade up to 8th grade so your child increases reading difficulty level as grade level reading goals of words read per minute are met.  Students track their scores daily so they can see how quick they are reading.