• Ionia Middle School Science Curriculum

    We use the IQWST (Investigating and Questioning the World through Science and Technology) curriculum.  IQWST is a STEM based approach to teaching science. Students use real world examples and begin thinking like a scientist.  They learn to make predictions, develop scientific questions, run investigations, build models to explain and predict phenomena, present their findings and conclusions, as well as defend their ideas and conclusions.


    6th grade Units

    Can I believe my eyes?  Light waves, their role in sight, and interactions with matter.

    How can I smell things from a distance?  Particle nature of matter and phase changes.

    Where have all the creatures gone?  Organisms and ecosystems.

    How does water shape our world?  Water cycle and rock cycle.


    7th grade Units

    How can I make new stuff from old stuff?  Chemical reactions and the conservation of mass.

    Why do some things stop while others keep going?  Energy transfer between systems and the conservation of energy.

    What makes the weather change?  Atmospheric process in weather and climate.

    What’s going on inside of me?  Body systems and cellular processes.


    8th grade Units

    How is the earth changing?  Geological processes and plate tectonics.

    Why do organisms look the way they do?  Heredity and natural selection.

    How will it move?  Force and motion.

    How does food provide my body with energy? Chemical reactions in living things.