• The Ionia Public Schools and its community are committed to cooperatively creating an inspirational and safe learning environment for all students. The district believes that all students can and will learn through the instruction of teachers who embody professional development to deliver rigorous content through creative means and current technology.

    In keeping with our district mission statement, the development of technological literacy is a district priority, including curriculum integration, staff development, and an ongoing financial commitment to keep the district technologically current. Integrating emerging technologies to improve learning for all students is a goal of all building and district school Improvement planning at Ionia Public Schools. This goal is based on an assessment of teacher, student, and community needs.

    Ionia Public Schools believes that appropriate technology integration across all disciplines can lead to higher levels of student achievement in many areas. In order to stimulate more appropriate, innovative, and effective integration of technology across the disciplines, we attempt to facilitate a "technology integration environment" at Ionia Public Schools that explore opportunities beyond traditional professional development to support integration efforts. As such we have devised a structure, which encourages innovation among the faculty, provides various accountabilities, and restructures faculty time so that staff has time to devote to such endeavors.



    Timothy Blackmer
    Director Of Technology
    616-527-9680 Ext 4149